CPP Card Protection

CPP's Card Protection is Asia's most comprehensive card protection Membership for use in the event of card loss, theft and related fraud. The unique feature of Card Protection is the provision of a complete service solution and assistance.

If you lose your wallet or have your handbag stolen, we'll cancel all of your cards immediately. Just make one free call to CPP's hotline - from anywhere in the world and the risk of card fraud is virtually eliminated.

Your calls are answered by our multi-lingual (Cantonese, English, Malay and Mandarin) customer service agents so you can use the language you prefer when you are in a stressful situation.

Card Protection Premier is more than just a card cancellation service, take a look at all the other benefits you are entitled to:

Key Benefits

Card Assistance
24 hour loss reporting and card cancellation covering ALL your cards Free and unlimited number
Worldwide assistance Yes
Emergency assistance of card replacement Yes
Registration of cards and valuable documents like passport, bank card, etc. Free and unlimited number
Emergency Travel Assistance (per Member per event) #
Emergency cash (advance) RM 2,200 (up to RM 220 per day)
Emergency hotel bill payment (advance) RM 6,000 (up to RM 300 per day)
Emergency travel ticket replacement (advance) Up to RM 10,000
Additional Benefits (per Member per Membership Year) *
Unauthorised transaction on lost or stolen cards Up to the amount of which your card issuer holds you liable to pay, subject to a maximum of RM440 per Card (not more than 10 Cards) and up to a limit of RM4,400
Unauthorized use of PIN RM 250 (up to RM 125 per card) in the aggregate for any one Membership Year
Card kept by ATM and subsequently being used without authorisation RM 250 (up to RM 125 per card) in the aggregate for any one Membership Year
Personal belongings replacement cost RM 375
Reimbursement for:
  • Communication costs to report a card loss and/or a loss/theft of valuable documents to CPP and the police
  • Valuable documents replacement fees like passport, identity card and driving licence
  • Financial cards replacement fee (up to RM 50 per card)
  • Stored value card lost or stolen (e.g. Touch 'n' Go, up to RM 40)
Up to RM 1,000 in the aggregate for any one Membership Year

# Applicable when abroad.
* Card Protection Premier is underwritten by MPI Generali Insurans Berhad (Company No.14730-X)

This is a summary of the membership benefits only. Full details are available in the Membership Terms and Conditions.

Annual Membership Fee

Coverage Cost
Individual Membership RM98
Household Membership
(Protection for you and up to 4 other persons living at the same address)

This is written both in English and Bahasa Malaysia. In the event of conflict, the English version shall prevail.